Why Choose Us

Our Mission
Our company mission is to offers new and used plastic machinery to our clients, we import machinery as a regular item both new and used from various sources around the globe and also import machines according to our customer requirements and offer them excellent consultancy service in regards to there required machinery.
Timely Delivery
Cirrus has every resource to serve the rapidly changing trends in the Plastic Machinery industry. Adherence to timely delivery schedules has been an integral part of our business philosophy since our inception.
Customer Services
We take our customers very seriously and for this reason we offer our clients a friendly and professional marketing team with literacy and ethics. We take special interest in team building and our subordinates are always geared to assist our clients with their queries offering a remarkable customer service experience.

A Company Strongly Focused

Plastics are responsible for countless facets of the modern life we enjoy today. From health and well being, nutrition, shelter and transportation to safety and security, communication, sports, leisure activities and innovations of industry – plastics deliver bountiful benefits to you and your world. In the fast-growing competitive market of plastic extrusion machinery, Cirus stands out as a growth oriented company recognizing the needs of the plastic manufacturing industry as techno-driven, and that state-of-the-art design, configuration, raw materials, and applications for new products call for advanced technology, know-how, and continual innovation.